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We will make the difference. We aim to make an impact by seeking a return. We are not afraid to go for opportunities that others decide against. This is because we are prepared to take risks, we are able to wait longer for our money than others, and we have access to European funds. But also because we are passionate and motivated, we are professional and competent, and we believe in our mission.

We provide encouragement, speed things up, create opportunities and remove obstacles. We enable financing for businesses and projects that seem impossible to finance. Rather than competing with others, we work together with them, and this enables us to achieve more than any of us could have done on our own. By taking risk ourselves, we reduce the risks for others.

We are an open organisation that thinks broadly and looks ahead. When we look ahead to 2050, the economy we see is radically different from today’s economy. We see an economy that pays greater attention to people, the environment, society and our shared future. This cannot be achieved without major social transitions, confidence in opportunities and long-term thinking. This is something we are responsible for.

The entrepreneurs who will create the Netherlands of tomorrow may only just be starting out. The technology that will be required is still in its infancy. This is where we come in and where we will make a difference. We cannot do this alone, nor would we want to. You are welcome to join us in achieving this aim. Welcome to the Netherlands of tomorrow.

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