Invest NL


Invest-NL is a private company financed with public funds. Our shareholder is the Ministry of Finance.

Why Invest-NL?

Three important reasons why we exist:

  • Market participants find it difficult to finance major social transitions. It is difficult for them to deal with the major uncertainties in the field of policy and technology, the multitude of stakeholders and the fragmentation of initiatives with relatively high learning and transaction costs. Financing large societal transitions therefore requires a party that is willing to run a relatively large amount of risk, can operate with relatively long lead times and works with public capital – which ensures that the government also has an interest in its success.
  • Certain categories of businesses and entrepreneurs have difficulty finding financing. Various studies show that there is relatively little venture capital available for young, fast-growing businesses in the Netherlands compared with Germany, the UK and the US, for example. There are fewer venture capitalists and the funds and financing involved are smaller. That is where we come in: we are needed in order to provide a tailwind for young businesses on the brink of a major leap in scale.
  • Various studies show that Dutch businesses benefit less from European investment funds and facilities. Other European countries have their own ‘Invest-NL’, through which they make these funds available to their businesses. We are now opening up this channel as well.

Legal mandate

Invest-NL has a broad legal mandate. The Invest-NL Foundation Act, which was adopted by the Upper and Lower Houses of the Dutch government in 2019, states: “Invest-NL’s object is to contribute to the financing and realisation of societal transition tasks by businesses and the provision of access to corporate finance, if this is not sufficiently provided by the market” (Article 3 of the Invest-NL Foundation Act).

During the discussion of this Act in Dutch Parliament, it was stated that this broad object requires prioritisation and specialisation. In line with parliamentary decisions and based on its own research, Invest-NL decided that financing scale-ups and financing the energy transition is now its highest priority. There are also other options, but to a lesser extent. These include Invest-NL’s Business Development tasks which, based on a plan agreed with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, have a broader focus than just the energy transition. Transitions in healthcare or the transition to a circular economy are also addressed there, as is the general financing of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

Private business

Invest-NL is a private business financed by public funds. Our shareholder is the Dutch Ministry of Finance. The shareholder has appointed a Supervisory Board that supervises the Management Board of Invest-NL. There is no political guidance.

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