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Waanzinnig mooi nieuw record Rubik's kubus

Since 2010, Rubik's Cube speed solver Feliks Zemdegs has broken a number of world records. That includes several instances of the 3x3x3 (a standard Rubik's Cube) world record, with his latest record of 4.73 seconds set at the end of last year.

In a recent video, Zemdegs described the record-breaking solve to Matt Parker, a "maths communicator" and comedian. While the camera work in the video doesn't always capture exactly what Zemdegs is pointing out, the lesson comes across so long as you don't mind a little speedcubing jargon. For example, Zemdegs often references things like "OLL," or Orientation of the Last Layer, a part of the time-tested CFOP method for 3x3x3 speedcubing.